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We love clothes but we love our planet more.

We love clothes but we love our planet more.

Jess Owens Founder, CEO

Jess launched greenlist to solve a problem she had as a shopper – a jacket sold out in her shopping cart. She knew it would be returned but the store couldn’t connect her to a return. With a passion for sustainability, Jess thought, “Why can’t that jacket be sent directly to me? Save the trip back to the store.” Jess quit consulting job, built a small team and got to work. Jess has 20 years experience in recruiting, marketing, business development, and consulting.

Ashley White Co-founder, Director of UI/UX

Jess and Ashley have worked together for 10 years (6 in marketing, 4 on greenlist). Before joining Jess as co-founder of greenlist, Ashley started and ran a web design firm for over 15 years. Her expertise includes UI/UX, web design, front-end web development, and project management. Earlier in her career, she worked as an application and web designer for Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia; and at a Webby award-winning software and web development company.

Robert Raines Co-founder, CTO

Robert is a seasoned engineering leader with deep experience in systems architecture, big data exploitation, and an information security expert. Leveraging his deep technical abilities and strategic acumen, he develops our core technologies. His experience leading early stage startups to successfully win F100 clients gives us a crucial edge landing savvy clients. Further, he is transforming greenlist into a scalable workplace through IT systems modernization. 

Zack Whitacre CoS, Operations

Before joining Jess as her Chief of Staff and Head of Operations, Zack worked in retail and eCommerce operations, finance, and analytics for nearly 10 years. Always eager to push the industry towards being more sustainable, he’s been thrilled to be part of the greenlist journey since fall 2021.

Jess Owens, Founder & CEO (center)
Ashley White, Co-founder, Director of UI/UX (left)
Zack Whitacre, Chief of Staff and Head of Logistics (right)

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