I quit a dream job for a dream | Greenlist

At the end of 2019, I quit a job that I loved. I started in 2013 as a marketing assistant and when I left, I was Director of Marketing Services.

I had a phenomenal boss and mentor Jennifer who took every opportunity to teach me, challenge me and support me. She allowed me to grow our business but also run with it. I was able to prioritize my two daughters, always. As a young mom, nothing was more important. Flexible hours, flexible work space, flexible everything. A #dreamjob. And, yet, I quit. [it was hard]

And, our clients. I was (and still am) very invested in their work, their missions and their success. I worked with industry leaders — brilliant, creative and passionate people (and some that were challenging too, because, #clients). I watched small businesses thrive and others struggle and ultimately close.

So dream boss + dream clients + amazing colleagues, and, yet, I quit.

I quit to chase down a dream I’ve had for more than 20 years. And, now that I’ve started, it’s like it was always with me. In me. Just waiting. Waiting for the right moment — for when my fear turned to fire and when all the signs and all the stars aligned and told me “IT’S GO TIME. GO.”

So, here we go. To new beginnings. To moving the hell out of the comfort zone. Send help. Send #titos. Send babysitters. Send investors. (please) 😉