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GreenlistTM technology enables a peer-to-peer returns model that allows merchandise to SKIP the trip back to the warehouse / store / landfill and go


directly to


we love the planet
“Every second, the equivalent of one garbage truck of textiles is landfilled or burned. If nothing changes, by 2050 the fashion industry will use up a quarter of the world’s carbon budget.”
- UN Environment Programme



How It Works

create your greenlist

Step 1: Create Your Greenlist

Browse our partner websites. Add clothes you would like to buy if they become available or are returned. (40% of clothes bought online are sent back*). Why shop returns? Maybe the size you want is sold out. Or maybe you like the incentives from our retail partners. Either way, you’re shopping in a more sustainable fashion (pun intended). ✌

We will keep you updated on the product’s journey and when you are matched with a return, the item will be shipped directly to YOU from the “returner”.

ann returns

Step 2: Millie Doesn’t Want the Jacket

Millie, “aka the returner” bought the jacket you love in the size you need but it doesn’t work for her. Millie initiates the return the same way she normally would, but repacks the perfect, new-with-tags (#NWT) jacket to be sent directly to you.

jacket travels

Step 3: Jacket Travels Directly to You

That #NWT jacket travels directly to you, skipping the trip back to the store’s warehouse and the multi-step redistribution process. This saves time, money and CARBON EMISSIONS.


Step 4: Congrats!

Your jacket has arrived and the PLANET thanks you. (So does the store. Trust us.)

greenlist means less waste

Less warehouse resources

Less plastic

Less pollution

Less Waste

“It’s our collective responsibility to fix our mistakes and be much, much better going forward.”

– Vogue Singapore Foundation, 9/20

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