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We Take The Return Out of Returns

greenlist means less waste

The greenlist technology platform includes a software plug-in that seamlessly integrates into the retailer’s existing e-commerce website, providing a service that simplifies returns management and logistics.

The software that enables the greenlist technology platform eliminates the extra steps, time, and cost associated with returns and enables your customers to send his/her return directly to the next purchaser, with no extra inconvenience to either customer.

How It Works

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Step 1:

Violet “greenlists” items from our partner websites; she’s willing to buy what would have been a return.

ann returns

Step 2:

Millie decides she doesn’t want an item and initiates the traditional returns process.

jacket travels

Step 3:

Our tech finds a greenlist match, Millie ships her item DIRECTLY to Violet, NOT a warehouse.


Step 4:

Violet gets her NWT (new with tags) greenlist item. The store and the planet thank her.

What the customer sees

How greenlist looks on a retailer site

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