The Future of Returns is Here: JOIN US
October 1, 2021

$190,000 of goods are returned in the U.S. every minute.

In 2019, US consumers returned about $309 billion dollars worth of merchandise.

In 2020, that number grew to $428 billion dollars.

The shipping, logistics, and manpower of returns cost retailers billions every year. E-commerce has grown more than 95% in the past five years. What will this number be in 2030 and where will those returns go? 

Greenlist is on a mission to change this trajectory by enabling peer-to-peer returns. We cut out the “middleman” (trip back to the warehouse) and send returns directly from one customer to another.  P2P is an industry that dominates the Millenial and Gen-Z markets. Greenlist allows companies to tap into this popular model while also – 

  • Increasing profits on returns 
  • Avoiding unnecessary markdowns on aging products 
  • Connecting shoppers with sold out items 
  • Decreasing carbon emissions, packaging waste, and products that end up in landfills 


  • Completed Bethesda Green Accelerator 
  • Secured 5 retail partners 
  • Projected to add 5 new partners by January 2022 
  • Secured a partnership with Beeso Studio to build tech solution
  • Projected to launch solution to retail partners by June 2022

As we prepare to launch on Shopify, we are looking for innovative partners to join our pilot. 

Together, let’s build the future of returns. 

Contact Founder Jess Owens ( to learn more. 

Thank you! 

Jess Owens

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Written by Jess Owens

Founder & CEO at Greenlist